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Public investment

In the section of Procurement you find the information about procurement and the national concept in cooperation of the public and private sector (Public Private Partnership – PPP). The second section contains the applicable legislation.
This page is used as directory of sections:

Procurement and PPP

The Ministry of regional development Czech Republic (MRD) provides the methodic management of procurement processes and also provides the preparation of related legislation. MRD participates in the creation of the national conception in the cooperation public and private sector (Public Private Partnership – PPP). MRD is the administrator of Information system of procurement and the Portal of procurement and the concessions.

The Legislation

The summary of the legislation establishing the competence of the ministry of regional development is organized by the main thematic competence of the ministry. 

Public auctions

Within the framework of its competences, the Ministry for Regional Development is entrusted with the supervision over the activities of auctioneers and control on the compliance with the Act on Public Auctions. The Ministry servants conduct both inspections in the course of auctions and carry out subsequent checks on the documentation, which must be compulsorily archived.