EGTC ( The European grouping of territorial cooperation)

The European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) represents the possibility to facilitate cross-border regional cooperation at a time when Cohesion Policy in general and also regional cooperation is going through significant changes. Regional and local authorities have the possibility to create a cross-border grouping with legal entity.
The EGTC in the 2014-2020 programming period offers the possibility to establish groupings of regional and local authorities from different EU Member States without having previously been required to sign and ratify international agreements and to ratify them by national parliaments. However, Member States must give their approval to the participation of the EGTC of its territory members. 
The European legal framework is governed by the Regulation (EC) 1082/2006 of the EP and of the Council as amended by the Regulation (EU) 1302/2013 of the EP and of the Council from December 17, 2013 amending Regulation (EC) no. 1082/2006 on the EGTC according to the clarification, simplification and improvement of the establishment and functioning of such groupings („Regulation E“).

Its goal is to establish European legal framework for the creation and operation of the Instrument for the EU level cooperation with legal entity which may act on behalf of its members, especially the regional and local authorities. The purpose of the EGTC is to facilitate and support cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation between its members with the prior aim to strengthen economic and social cohesion. The grouping can associate the members located on the territory of at least two EU Member States and may include states, regional and local authorities and public entities.
Act no. 248/2000 Coll., Par.18a – 18h on Support to Regional Development, as amended, regulates the conditions for the functioning of the EGTC in the Czech Republic on national level.

Act on Support to Regional Development entrusts the registration of an EGTC and approval
of the participation the members of such groups to the Ministry of Regional Development. The Ministry evaluates such registration request and if it is in accordance with the legal system, Ministry registers the grouping. The data marked in this register, as well as final text of the Convention and Statutes of particular groupings, are published on the Ministry
of Regional Development website as the groupings are registered.
In October 2015 The Law on Support to Regional Development was published in Collection of Laws (under no. 298/2015 Coll.). It actually specifies the condition - to have in case
of an EGTC with the participation of members with limited liability during the entire operation adequate insurance or other security, according to Article 12 of the EU Regulation.
Participation of grouping member approving

The Future Grouping member, if the legal entity is established or registered under the laws
of the Czech Republic, submits the application for approval of the participation in the grouping with a seat in the Czech Republic territory or in the territory of another Member State of the EU to the Ministry of Regional Development, International Relations Department, Staroměstské náměstí 6, 110 15 Praha 1. The application must submit the documents for an approval procedure in accordance with Provision Article 4(2) b) of the EU Regulation.
Grouping registration
The grouping with the official seat in the Czech Republic is the legal entity, started with the date of registration to the Ministry of Regional Development grouping register. The registration applicant is asked to send the application for entry to the register and the complete wording of Convention and Statutes to the International Relations Department.
Contacts (International Relations Department)
Daniela Grabmüllerová, phone +224 861 341,,
Jiří Ceé, phone+224 861 288, e-mail:
    Template form EGTC [MS Word, 49.5KB] (Czech language)

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